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Focus New Zealand strives to develop economics that will continually enhance the living standards of all contributing New Zealanders

Values and Aims


Focus New Zealand stands as the voice of reason for a true democratic government that will:

Display balanced leadership of fiscal responsibilities;
Practice transparency to foster confidence in party integrity;
Respect individuals and communities through self-empowerment, empathy and autonomy.


Focus New Zealand will endeavour to fulfil our values by:

Evaluating regulations and laws ensuring they are ‘Fit for Purpose’;
Advocating Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability;
Fostering innovation and business growth through a ‘Hand Up, Not Hand Out’ philosophy;
Ensuring true representation of party members through internal referendum prior to conscious votes;
Ensuring well-rounded policy which accounts for community, economics and the environment.


Guiding Principles


Empowering people to achieve sound economic and environmental outcomes.

Supporting a sound policy platform for productive activity and exports.

Increasing the level of understanding of Primary Industries, manufacturing and business, and their importance to New Zealand.

Supporting effective and efficient provision of government services.

Reinforce the principles of private property ownership.

Equal opportunity for all New Zealanders